This page lists all of the issues that strongly feature an SS villain in the story.


Alphabetical list of main SS men and the story they feature in:

Anstoll. Hermann, SS Major - Point Of No Return

Bauer. Ludwig, SS Colonel - Colonel Scarface

Bremer. SS Captain - Viking Warriors

Erlick. Max, SS Major General - The Devil's Shadow

Frieburger. Karl, SS Major General - Lone Sniper

Heinz. Ernst, SS Major - Renegade Raiders

Koch. Heinrich, SS Colonel - Convict Commandos - Target America

Kolzig. Uwe, SS Captain - Ambush in the Ardennes

Kreuzberg. Otto, SS Lieutenant Colonel - Heavy Metal!

Kronig. Herman, SS Colonel -

Kruger. Fritz, SS Corporal - The Final Target

Kruger. Hans, SS Captain - The Final Target

Kuber. Kurt SS Colonel - Army of the Shadows

Lutz. Manfred, SS Lieutenant General - Fight - or Die!

Reister. Hans, SS Lieutenant - Spy In Battle-Dress

Schreiber. Hans, SS General - Raiders' Round-Up!

Steiner. Deiter, SS Major General - Fight - or Die!

Strassman, SS Colonel  (a.k.a The Butcher) - Dead of Night

Tiegel. Hans, SS Major - His Worship Goes To War

Vogel, Gustav, SS Lieutenant - The Master Mechanic

Von Strach, SS General - Night Of Fear


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