This page lists all the issues that feature a Douglas Boston Bomber.


Length:                   47ft 0in (14.32m)

Wingspan:           61ft 4in (18.69m)

Height:                  15ft 10in (4.82m)

Maximum Speed:  304mph (490km/h)

Cruising Speed:  250mph (403km/h)

Ceiling:                  24,250ft (7,389m)

Range:                  1,020 miles (1,645 km) with max load

Powerplant:          Two Wright Cyclone GR2600 of 1,600hp each

Payload:                  2,000lb (908kg)

Defensive Armament:

4 x .303 machine guns in fixed nose position, 2 x .303 hand-operated guns in mid-upper and mid-lower postions.


Slim, deep-sided fuselage with large tail on the rear fuselage. Heavily-framed glazed nose. Tricycle undercarriage with mainwheels retracting into engine nacelles.


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