Back Cover SummaryEdit

1233 cannon at corbon

Corbon was a little village in the north of France, a picturesque place steeped in history. Near-by great cliffs plunged into the waters of the Channel. On a clear day you could see England, and if you had a big enough gun you could fire at the British convoys working their way across the English coast. The Germans weren't slow to notice the possibility and soon had guns set into the cliffs, protected from artillery and bombs alike.

Napoleon had done the very same thing, as a matter of fact, and the British had stopped him good and proper. And now, in the Second World War, the British were once again setting out to destroy the deadly "Batterie Corbon".


Publishing HistoryEdit

First published as no 1233 in June 1978.


Inside front cover Stars of Cricket David Hookes.

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