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4892 breakthrough

Time and after time, one British company outsmarted the Germans in Crete. If the Nazis planned a sneak-raid and began it five miles away, the British knew at once - and were ready for them. If a Stuka dive-bombing attack was decided on, they got into hiding an hour before it began. They knew exactly when to counter-attack too.

How was it done? If anyone had told the Germans, they just wouldn't have believed it. The secret lay in a strange invisible link between Private Bill Roberts and his twin brother, Jack…


Publishing HistoryEdit

First published as no 196 in January 1966. Republished as no 835 in May 1974 Latest edition published as no 4892 in February 2016.


4892: Published as part of the Gold Collection series.

Original 1966 title had a hyphen. This was carried through into 1974 but not 2016.

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