4720 blood red dawn

4720 Blood Red Dawn

Back Cover SummaryEdit

What kind of a man would sell his own comrades to the enemy? That was what Lieutenant Dick Woolston had to find out - and FAST, before any more Long Range Desert Group patrols were ambushed and murdered by the Nazis.

Someone within the group was betraying them at every turn - but who? Dick had been a plain-clothes man at Scotland Yard before the war. But never before had he had to get his man and fight a war at the same time.

Here is a different kind of a mystery story - with blood.


  • Story by - Burns
  • Art by - Cortes
  • Cover by - Ken Barr

Publishing HistoryEdit

First published as no 109 in March 1964. Reprinted as no 615 in January 1972. This edition published July 2014.


Part of "The Gold Collection" series.