Cover for Battle Squadron

Back cover SummaryEdit

Before the war Mike Stallard had fought as a pilot in China, Spain and South America. He hired his skills to the highest bidder and always ended up where the dogfights were the fiercest.

Then he went to France with the R.A.F., fighting strictly to order in clumsy Fairey Battles against sleek, deadly Me 109s. And unless the Top Brass listened to men like Mike and let them fight in their own way, this was going to be the last war that he and his mates would ever fly in.


Art by ?

Story by ?

Cover by ?

Publishing HistoryEdit

Published as no 569 in July 1971. Republished in April 1982 as issue 1595


Issue 1595

Inside front cover: Stars of Motorcycling - Steve Parrish. Inside back cover: Stars of Golf - Tom Watson.

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