4761 battle carrier

Back Cover Summary Edit

Near the end of the Second World War, Flight Lieutenant Frank Mason and his photo reconnaissance Mosquito bomber were sent to the Aleutian Islands to assist the USAAF's search for Japanese vessels.

There Frank found himself in the middle of a desperate battle for survival with a fanatical group of Japanese who refused to accept that their Emperor had surrendered. To make matters worse, they were in charge of an absolute monster - a Yamato-class superbattleship that had been converted into an aircraft carrier to make a fearsome . . . Battle-Carrier!

Creators Edit

Publishing History Edit

First published as no 4761 in November 2014.

Misc Edit

Issue has first part of new series titled War Bikes, giving information about motorcycles used in wartime. This issue has BMW R75 combination used by the German army. Illustrated excellently by the great Gordon Livingstone

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