3213 army of the shadows

Back Cover Summary Edit

When the Germans invaded Poland in 1939, the Polish army was overwhelmed and the air force smashed or forced to fly to a neutral country.

But many Poles never gave up - Warsaw, the capital city, finally became a battleground as men from the scattered forces joined civilians in a brave fight for freedom amongst the ruins.

In the face of Nazi power and ruthlessness, this army of the shadows had taken on a terrible task!

Creators Edit

  • Story by ?
  • Art by Denis McLoughlin
  • Cover by Ian Kennedy

Publishing History Edit

First published as no 3213 in February 1999.

Misc Edit

Issue no 3213 includes:

  • Inside front cover feature Whirly Birds, Helicopters past and present, Sikorsky MH-60G Pave Hawk US 1975. (Ian Kennedy art)

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