Back Cover SummaryEdit

Cairo - Egypt's capital city and British General Headquarters in the Middle East, nerve centre of the Allied campaign in North Africa. A city filled with soldiers, sailors, airmen…but also a city teeming with spies and agents, men who would stop at nothing to get the information they needed…then send back to their own headquarters - Berlin!

Editorial Edit

Have your holidays ever not quite turned out as planned? And I'm not talking about a missing suitcase or the Duty Free shop in the airport being closed...

Our hero, Lieutenant Dick Maltby of the Special Investigative Branch - the Army's criminal investigative wing - is enjoying some hard-earned leave in the bustling Egyptian capital when he is thrust into a deadly fight for his life against a shadowy spy ring. Well, it happens.

This is a thrilling Commando tale packed with action, intrigue and espionage and...I reckon it makes for some great summer holiday reading!

Scott Mongomery, Deputy Editor


No 4830:

  • Part of "The Silver Collection" series.
  • Back cover summary wrongly printed with editorial.
  • Inside front cover feature: editorial
  • Inside rear cover feature: Subscription advertisement

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