1086 across the border

Back Cover Summary Edit

A few airmen, a handful of native policemen and two British police officers. Add to these an ancient Lewis gun and a transport plane fit only for the scrap-heap. That was the opposition facing the Italian Army as they prepared to invade Anglo-Egyptian Sudan.

Not much of a force, really. It could be brushed aside just as you would swipe away a fly that was annoying you.

That's what anyone would think. Certainly that's what the invading army thought . . . which was a pity for them!

Creators Edit

  • Story by ?
  • Art by ?
  • Cover by ?

Publishing History Edit

First published as no 1086 in December 1976.

Misc Edit

No 1086 includes:

  • Inside front cover feature - What Do You Know? Quiz
  • Inside rear cover feature - Stars of Soccer - Willie Donachie

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