4614 pack of wolves

Back Cover Summary Edit

The three men were part of a band of Italian bandits, a pack of wolves who roamed through the mountains to make a fat profit while their war-torn country crumbled about them. There were other similar groups in the area too, but this lot had by far the strangest leader of all…an eccentric history lecturer from England!

Creators Edit

  • Story by Allan Chalmers
  • Art by Gordon Livingstone
  • Cover by Jeff Bevan

Publishing History Edit

First published as no 2192 in June 1988. Latest edition published as no 4614 in June 2013.

Misc Edit

Part of "The Silver Collection".

No 4614 includes:

  • Special fold out back cover with textless Jeff Bevan cover
  • Into Action feature featuring the Breda Model 30 light machine gun

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